Hi, I'm Martin

Design Leader, UX/UI Consultant & Author

I am a dedicated design leader, author, and speaker passionate about humanizing the digital landscape and forging meaningful connections between people and technology. With extensive experience in UX/UI consultancy, I'm committed to transforming complex problems into elegant solutions that shape the future of the digital industry. As a leader, I take great pride in nurturing and empowering my design teams, fostering a collaborative environment where creativity and opportunities thrive.

Leading Through Connection:
A Design Leader's Guide to Effective 1:1 Meetings

In my book, I share my experiences and strategies for cultivating meaningful relationships and maximizing team potential through impactful one-on-one conversations. "Leading Through Connection" serves as a testament to my belief in the power of authentic communication and connection in driving success. The book includes a comprehensive framework for great 1:1 meetings, providing numerous questions to help facilitate productive and engaging conversations with team members.

Design Case Studies:
Vision, Community, Adaptation

Dive deeper into the realms of design with case studies that highlight my journey in establishing guiding principles, fostering community-centric innovation, and adapting design strategies to urban challenges. Each study illustrates the intricate balance between leadership, collaborative engagement, and the agility required to thrive in dynamic design landscapes.

In these narratives, you will discover how foundational design principles are not just theorized but actively brought to life, shaping the way teams and communities engage with design challenges. 

My Design Path:
Projects and Perspectives

In my career, I've led pivotal design projects, notably in large-scale insurance apps for Generali and Allianz, revolutionizing how users interact with core insurance services. The ParkDots smart parking app and a fleet management solution are testaments to my ability to merge technology with practicality, enhancing everyday experiences. 

My work in field service management with ČEZ and solutions for public budgeting reflect a deep understanding of user-centric design in diverse sectors. These projects, along with contributions to digital publishing and IPTV, have been recognized for their innovation and impact.

As a speaker, I share insights on an array of topics central to the evolving world of design. My talks on 'Design Leadership: Working with Teams' focus on the art of nurturing and guiding creative talent. In 'State of Design' and 'AI in Design,' I explore current trends and the future impact of technology in our field. 

My 'Project Case Studies' provide a deep dive into real-world applications of design principles, while 'Design 101 for Developers' bridges the gap between design and development, emphasizing cross-disciplinary understanding and collaboration.