About me

Hello, I'm Martin Suster, a seasoned UX/UI Design Leader with a rich journey spanning over a decade. My path, originating in traditional design, has evolved into a realm where digital functionality and human experience intersect.

In my role, I thrive on creating collaborative spaces that foster innovation and efficiency. I guide my team through the intricacies of design, transforming complex challenges into intuitive, impactful digital products. My work, diverse in nature, ranges from designing large-scale applications to advancing smart city solutions, all while focusing on meaningful user engagement.

Beyond project leadership, I'm deeply involved in sharing knowledge and insights across various platforms. As the author of "Leading Through Connection," I explore the dynamics of effective communication within teams. Additionally, my presentations span a wide array of topics including AI in design, design for developers, and the evolving state of design. My goal is to inspire and educate, fostering a community of forward-thinking designers and leaders.

In my personal life, my son Egon is my greatest joy and source of inspiration. Observing his curiosity and zest for life continually enriches my perspective, both personally and professionally. Alongside being a father, I find solace in bridge—a game that sharpens my strategic thinking—and in cycling, which keeps me connected to the outdoors and my community. Music creation offers me a creative outlet, allowing me to express different facets of my personality.

I invite you to join me on this journey, where we navigate the exciting intersection of design, leadership, and personal growth, crafting a future that's not only digitally advanced but also deeply human.